Government Decision 912 March 1974:

A security officer of educational institutions will be appointed in each Municipality

The Municipality is responsible for the safe handling of all educational institutions In its territory

Over the years domains of responsibility for the security officers have been added as “first responders” together with the Rescue forces, Police, IDF

Today, security officers operate in all the Local authorities

In large authorities, the security officers conduct a broad array of security personnel, advanced technology and operate in a wide range of routine security systems and emergency preparedness

The local authority constitutes the "Livnat Hayesod" in the national preparations for dealing with emergency situations, and the security officer is a key player in the municipal system to ensure that the Municipality is ready to order.


Main areas of activity of security officers

Securing educational institutions

Safety in educational institutions

Securing the public space

Securing municipal institutions

Event security

Emergency assessments



The security officer is a local authority employee guided by the Israel Police

He is  obligated to a professional training and  He is part of a professional community organized by The  Association,

a body that coordinates the training of security officers, knowledge management, professional tours and the transfer of information between the Authority and the Authority